Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday Girl! 3 already!

I can't believe my little sweatpea is 3 years old already! Boy has the time flown by!

I was really feeling like I could go into labor any minute since Friday night...before her party! During her party I was having contractions and kept thinking "what if my water breaks here at the park!" but didn't happen. Today I was really hoping I wouldn't go into labor...I mean, their birthdays will be close together, but who wants to have your younger siblings birthday on the EXACT same day as yours? Well, only 40 minutes left of the day and I think we're in the clear!

Don't forget to link up your mommy moments, the party is open till wednesday!

She LOVED her new Green Toys Tea Pot Set and played with it for over an hour tonight. She also loved the Strawberry shortcake with reversible frosting and strawberries I made for her, with a wooden cake stand (I'll post the pics of these later this week). She played with that up until we realized it was already 9 PM and had to pry her away and get her to bed! The evening went by so fast!

She had such a wonderful birthday this year combined with her party with her adorable little friends over the weekend and tonight she visited with Grandparents on Skype while opening presents to eat more blue cupcakes! (I was really excited to make a cool cake or cute cupcakes...but ran out of energy and just got some from the Walmart bakery...sometimes you just gotta do what's easy!)

PS- Sorry if my posts become increasingly disjointed, random, or don't seem to flow right...the closer I get to having this baby, the less ability I have to focus on anything! If I didn't already have some ADD, I definitely have it now! lol
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Tori Bella said...

Can you please tell Jordan to quit growing up? She is way too young to be three already!

Crystal Escobar said...

Her name is Jordan??? My niece is named Jhordan, and I think it is the cutest name ever!!!!! Happy birthday to her!