Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy Brain

I know some women hate the term "mommy brain" or "pregnancy brain" but it does exist whether they want to admit it or not...some kind of malfunction that seems to happen to your brain when you get pregnant and doesn't really get much better once you become a mom. The severity of it can change depending on how much sleep you are getting, but so 3 years (for me), it has never gone away completely. Someone who used to feel pretty sharp can suddenly feel like their brain is mashed potatoes and can't organize a single thought! Like a never ending "brain fart".

Usually it's men who are the forgetful ones when it comes to special dates and anniversary...well this year I'm 0-2! January was our 3 year wedding anniversary and it never even occurred to me until my Mother in Law called and was asking us about it...and the funny thing is...when she asked us about our anniversary plans...I had no clue what she was talking about! I thought SHE was confused because I couldn't think of what anniversary she was referring to. Anyways, so we blew that one. We made each other feel better by's just because we dated for so long, we're still just used to celebrating that anniversary! So we figured we'd make up for it come our "dating" anniversary in March....this year is 9 years together (after "Spanish night" we teamed up for one of our high school spanish assignments and have pretty much been together since). Well, yesterday my husband informed me that I had forgotten something. He informed me that our 9 year anniversary was like a week ago and it never occurred to us....again! Well, I can't get mad at him for forgetting....guys do that all the time...usually we are there to remind them....but at least he was the one to realize it! I was totally oblivious.....again!

Now I'm remembering how absent minded I was after I had my first daughter...on more than one occasion, I would be leaving the apartment....I would make sure I had everything I, purse-check, diaperbag-check, dry cleaning-check-...and whatever else...check check check. Then as I walked down the stairs of our apartment heading for the parking lot, I would realize something was missing...hmm....what could it be? OH RIGHT....I'm barefoot and need to go back and put on some shoes.

I had my daughter within a year of graduating college, and when things like this would happen, I would just be so baffled...What happened to my brain????!?? I know it used to work not that long ago....pretty well! Now, it's not super uncommon for me to have a conversation with my hubby that goes something like this:
"Hey babe?!"
he responds "yea? what is it?"
"um, I have no idea..."
"ooooookay then..."

Anyways, so this is just a rant on mommy's been getting to me a lot lately...and I'm sure once this baby is born and sleep deprivation really kicks'll only get worse! I'm SCARED! lol. I blame it on mommy brain but I also attribute some of that stupidness on Hashimoto's! I almost cried when I went to an endocrinologist this past year and he said to me "I bet you have a hard time holding onto a thought, you probably sometimes feel like your brain is a pentium 4 running on a pentium 3 have stuff in there, it's just hard to process it fast enough's as if something is always on the tip of your tongue but you can't spit it out" YES! HOW DID YOU KNOW DOCTOR! That's one of many parts of hypothyroidism...

So what are your "mommy brain" stories? I'd love to hear them in the comments or post on your blog and leave your link here so we can all laugh at ourselves together!

Better yet, I just had an idea! (really!) Let's do the first ever McLinky Party on my blog! Just write a post about your "Mommy Moments". Link up here! Tell your friends! The party will be Monday, March 29...come back with your Monday Mommy Moments posts! Mark your calendars and be sure to come back to link up! and be ready to laugh together as we can all sympathize! It can be a new or old post!

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Unknown said...

Oh, I'm so glad you wrote about this. I've got some good ones to add to the pile on Monday. I'm now preggo with number three and I swear this is the worst "preggo brain" yet. I think my husband assumes I've gone insane.
I do remember seeing an article once about how a women's brain shrinks during pregnancy, similar to an alzheimers patient. I'll have to look for the link. So we're not actually nuts. Although they say it's supposed to go away after the birth of the baby. All, well!