Monday, March 1, 2010

Turquoise & Leather Bracelet

Stylish resort style bracelet...

This is my imitation knock off version of the super cute bracelet.

Turquoise and Leather Beaded Bracelet

With Stylish Silver Button Loop Closure

Set against my 34 week Baby Bump!

I haven't made any kind of jewelery since I was in elementary school and made knotted friendship bracelets for my friends! So when I saw all the super stylish jewelery on Stella & Dot, I wanted to have it all...but I can't afford to pay $54 for one turquoise beaded bracelet. So I decided to take a jab at it and make one for myself.

To start off, I picked up the beads at Hobby Lobby, 50% off so it was only a couple bucks. Then The leather cording and other stringing supplies were on sale and cheap as well. I picked up the silver buttons at JoAnns and got to work! Everything was less than $10 and I have leftover supplies to make more bracelets.

I decided to take pictures along the way for a free tutorial so you can try making one of these stylish bracelets too! I was able to finish this during one of my daughter's naps. It only took my a few days to fully complete it because I had to get to the store to buy the buttons.

Turquoise and Leather Bracelet Tutorial

(Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Jewelry making or any special types of knots or lingo for explaining. If you have techniques or know certain types of knots that should be used, please feel free to add your input in the comment section!

I started with 11 inches of leather cord but I would recommend using more because I could barely get it to be long enough and tie those buttons on at the end. So, give yourself plenty to work with because you can always trim off the ends when you are finished. I would start with at least 13 inches of cord if you have small to normal wrists, more if they are wider.

I used 10mm and 8mm round beads, you can use whatever size, just make sure you have 15 larger beads and 30 smaller beads.

Turquoise Beads - 10mm round (15)
Turquoise Beads- 8mm round (30)
Leather Cord (Leatherette Cord) 1MM Black

2 silver buttons

Cut yourself 4 equal lengths of the leather cord (at least 13 inches).

Taking 2 of the strands of leather, line them up evenly and tie at one end, leaving enough excess leather cord off the end to tie a button to.

Tightly tie and knot the end of a long strand of beadstring around your starting knot. Place your first 8mm bead between the two leather cords next to your knot. Thread the beadstring through the left side of the bead.

when you pull the string through the bead, loop the beadstring around the right leather cord and then thread back through the bead, so it comes out on the left side as pictured below. When you pull the string all the way through the bead, thread it on the underside of the leather cord.

Pull tight.
Repeat this process to creat a strand using five 8mm beads, five 10mm beads then five 8mm beads. Tie off when you get to the end.

Take the 2 remaining strands of leather cord and repeat the process, so you have 2 complete beaded strands of bracelet.

Then, using the same technique, Tie a length of beadstring to the end of one beaded strand, add a bead and then connect it to the other strand, so you have a length of beads that attaches the to bracelets together, creating the 3 rows.

At one end of your bracelet, thread one strand of leather cord through the button and then tie a knot underneath. Repeat on other strand so you have two buttons parallel with eachother.

On the opposite end of the bracelet, take the remaining leather cord...create a space large enough to accomodate your button and then make a loop knot. If you have enough remaining cord, you can create a second botton loop hole for variety in length. Make sure you repeat the process so it's even on the other strand.

Try it on! If everything is fitting and in the right place, make sure those knots are tight and then trim off any remaining excess cording/stringing.

Only 6 weeks left!
CAN'T WAIT to meet this little guy!


Butchike Bunch said...

Candace you look great, I'm so excited for you guys!! The bracelet is terrific and now Jordan is want you to make her some too.

Crystal Escobar said...

Those are so cute! I love them!