Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tasty Tuesday!

So here are a few things I came across recently that I have to save...and SHARE...things that belong to the category of "I've GOTTA make this!"

This Strawberry Banana Pancake Recipe from The Nesting Project
looks like a scrumptious way to spend a weekend morning with the family!

And these Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Bars from Real Mom Kitchen look just like my favorite treat from Starbucks! I'll just need to add in some toffee bits!

Pipe Organ Coffee Cake....A coffee sponge cake with coffee flavored crème Chantilly covered with mocha ganache enclosed in a fence of cappuccino wafer sticks. Umm....SERIOUSLY?!? This looks way to yummy! Found on Bake-itis.

Hmm....I think I might go on a baking binge before this baby is born!!!


Amy said...

Hello Candace,

Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the new baby to come. I really like your blog and ideas. The milk jug is amazing. I hope you stop by tomorrow for my Round Robin and link up you have great cooking and crafting ideas..

I now follow you..

Priscilla - The Wheelchair Mommy said...

Thanks. now I know what to nake for dinner. Pancakes! YUM.