Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Tutu

I just whipped up another Rose Petal Tutu today. I was headed to the post office and wanted to add one more thing to the package I'm sending to my niece for her 4th birthday. I couldn't believe how quickly this went, I mean, the first one I made took under an hour, but now that I knew what I was doing this time around, it took no time at all! I did miss having a wider ribbon to tie around the waist but I had to use what I had on hand, so I added 3 smaller ribbons. I also used a clip on flower that I found at JoAnns, which was an easy time saver!

I hope she likes it, now her and my daughter can wear matching tutu's next time they see each other on SKYPE!

If you missed the original Rose Petal Tutu Post, you can click to check out my free tutu tutorial!

1 comment:

carla said...

Hi - Saw you listed on Texas Blogging Gals in region 2.

That's a great tutu. Very cute!