Friday, October 21, 2011

Sneak Peak at my inventory in progress!

Since I keep mentioning I'm getting ready for my first arts and craft fair, I thought I'd give a sneak peak at my works in progress...some finished...most not so finished...I'm a big procrastinator....I work better under pressure! haha!  A self induced curse sorta, my younger bro is the same way...:P  (love ya Joey!)

Anyways, today I will be assembling a lot of the headbands, everything is ready to go! I'd like to make some more ties, I have other fabrics I haven't gotten to yet but we'll see!  I have a love hate relationship with sewing due to my $50 brother sewing machine from walmart!  If I don't want to totally kill my motivation to sew things I'm going to have to upgrade to a better sewing machine in the near future!  I have made a lot of stuff with that sewing machine but man, every other seam the tension seems to magically change by itself, or the thread jams, breaks, and I might break my seam ripper before I break my machine!!! Anyways...ok that's not what I'm blogging about so onto some pics..

I think there are around 30 finished ties....I hope to get a few more done and some bow ties too. These neck ties have been like, almost a year in the making...well since the beg of this year when I whipped one up for Bronson's birthday pictures and have been wanting to make more.  These are more of a fall winter collection of fabrics....
 Appliqued scotty dog
 green houndstooth
 classic plaid
 brown houndstooth tie
 love yellow and grey
 rusty orange houndstooth tie
 neutral applique deer tie
 applique terrier dog tie on a classic preppy navy blue fabric

 black and grey skinny ties for the hipster babies/kids
I wasn't planning on doing headbands originally, but needed a break from my sewing machine and the ties and after my sister loved the headbands I sent for her baby girl, I started getting into it.  I knew how to make the rolled fabric flowers but Crystal from wannabebalanced got me addicted to making these flowers where you singe the edges.
I got the crochet headbands in the ribbon section on spools so I had to cut and sew them to make the headbands, there were smaller sections left over so I made a couple bracelets with the leftovers..I also have some brown crochet bands to sew and some of the brown stretchy ribbon lacey kind like that white in the picture.  I'll have to post some of the finished headbands when they are all done
 Head bands sewn and ready to be decked out
Here are some of the flowers for the headbands and bracelets, i enjoyed embellishing some of the flower edges with glitter...adding a little bling!

I have more canvas art to make

yeah....i need to organize this room a bit (yes it's a disaster!)....That's why I keep the door closed.


Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

That's what doors are for...hahaha! Cutie-cute ties!

melonbelly said...

so glad for the sneak peak....keep us posted!! :)

Unknown said...

I almost started a big fire trying to singe the edges of fabric flowers. Yours look great. Those ties are super cute as well. Good luck at the craft fair!