Monday, October 3, 2011

Newborn Tutu

Newborn Tutu
newborn photography props

This is my sweet little niece who I am dying to meet in a few more weeks!  She is about 3 weeks old and isn't she precious?  I think she looks darling in her baby tutu and flower headband.  Her daddy is a photographer and so this little newborn photography outfit is one of the first things I made for her because every little girl needs a tutu, especially a little girl who's mama is a professional ballet teacher.

dare I mother like daughter? what do you think?

Although I know my sister would love it if her daughter does love dancing, I know she won't force her onto it.  Either way, I know there are a lot of tutus in this little cuties future, whether for fun or function...or both!

 I sent this outfit along with the personalized baby name hanger and this awesome little sign for her carseat and stroller. You can pick these up in either blue, pink or red in english or spanish.  I got one of these 4.5 years ago when J was a newborn after hearing about all the people that try to touch your baby at the grocery store and random's an automatic reminder that people need to be careful about getting germs on baby without mom having to be confrontational or rude when strangers approach...Pick some of these up for  yourself or a baby gift for someone else (know any germaphobe moms? they would love this) My Tiny Hands

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Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

How absolutely precious! LOVE the tutu and headband, the photographs are gortgeous!

The last one is adorable :)

Lou Cinda