Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Belly Dancing Video

I just wanted to give out some thank yous today

1. Thanks Crystal @ wannabebalanced for having me as a guest contributor this past week, check back for more guest appearances from me over there in the future :)

2. Thank you to Tiaras and Tantrums and Costume Express for their recent giveaway!  I'm so excited about winning the $65 shopping spree over there.  Since repunzle was sold out I got my daughter the Cinderella getup and I know she will LOVE it!

3. Thank you to the Stuff of Success and My Memories for their recent giveaway...I was having a lucky week I guess! I also won $50 to get the My Memories digital scrapbook software and one of the kits.  So excited to try it out!

And now for the youngest belly dancer you have ever seen....only 3 weeks old...

Check out my new little niece!  The youngest dancer I've seen, not surprising since her momma is the best dance teacher and choreographer! I can't wait to  meet her in a few more weeks!

1 comment:

Erin {Lavender and Lemon Drops} said...

ha ha ha that is the funniest thing! her cute little chubby cheeks.... it doesn't even phase her! lol