Friday, March 11, 2011

Chocolate Sprinkle Pretzels - Gluten Free Snack for Kids

Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Pretzels

J loves doing anything in the kitchen with me, especially if involves something sweet...hmmm....she may be taking after my sweet tooth!  We have this whole foods grocery market we like to shop at with a big bulk foods section and she used to always like getting the yogurt covered pretzels but hasn't had them in a while now since she has been gluten free.  She started asking me about them and wanting me to pack them in her lunch, so I told her she could make her own covered pretzels and that she could make them any color she wanted!  That got her pretty excited, and of course she picked BLUE.  This was such a fun easy activity she could help with.  I used Wilton's White Candy Melts, melted them, added some blue Wilton food coloring and let her stir it up and watch the white melted chocolate turn blue.  Then all we did was put gluten free pretzels in the bowl of melted chocolate, flipping them over with a fork to cover both sides and then place on parchment paper.  After we were done, J picked out some sprinkles and had fun shaking the sprinkles all over the pretzels.  Now look how happy she is!!!

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melonbelly said...

That looks like a happy girl! :) How fun!

Crystal Escobar said...

Those are awesome!!! They look so yummy too.