Thursday, March 31, 2011


Well, I had a big flop on an easy recipe this evening.  I was trying to make No-Bake Cookies, but with no dairy so I substituted the butter with butter flavored Crisco shortening and used the vanilla coconut milk I had on hand and they are GARBAGO!  Maybe I boiled the mixture too long, it turned out dry and crumbly, I couldn't even make them into drop cookies, I ended up squishing it all down into a square pan to see if they will hold together and make bars.  But then I tried to eat some of the crumbles and it just wasn't good.
I am just on a roll I suppose!!!  This past week we were traveling to visit family cross country, and this is how my husband's phone broke.
After running around non-stop with visiting everyone (flying in, visiting family, road trip to a nearby state to visit more relative and then road trip back to original relatives...) I jumped on the chance to lie down for a rest while my hubby watched the kids in our hotel room.  We had a suite so the bedroom was closed off from the rest of the room.  I didn't have my eyes closed for more then 2 minutes when I heard J get hurt, we still don't know what happened, but somehow she split her lip and was crying that baby B did it to her because SHE wanted to be the line leader...whatever that means.  Hearing the screaming and crying I couldn't just keep laying there, although it was tempting to pretend I couldn't hear and hide out!  I walked into the bathroom where Tyler was trying to clean the blood (small amount) off her face and lip and then I see B standing in front of the toilet splashing in it.  That's not the worst part.  The toilet in that room had NO pressure, it couldn't even flush down a piece of toilet paper so about 15 minutes earlier, J had gone number 2 in the potty but there was no pressure to flush it down.  I run over and grab B as I see him splashing in the poopy toilet and Tyler's phone is in there as well.

Here is a picture from our trip.  If you are ever in New Haven, CT and want a good pizza, go to Modern Apizza!  It's the best (although I didn't get to have any this time because of the gluten and cheese!!! boo!)  Doesn't it look good though?  Well, maybe not so appetizing after my gross story...sorry!

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