Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Woodpecker Illustration

Here is a sample I made for my 7-12 year old students for an art lesson at the studio I used to work at. It's colored with a combo of Prisma Markers and colored pencil.  I just came across this today during my spring cleaning and thought  I would share :)  It makes me want to do some "arting" which is a term J came up with today at dinner.  I was in the kitchen and she was supposed to be eating her pizza (crust made with gluten free bisquik) when I heard her exclaim "Mom, I'm arting!!!" at first I thought she know...farting.  But when I looked around the corner she was happily drawing a picture and then repeated "I'm arting mom, look!"

For a great method to help your kids learn to draw and create beautiful works of art, check out Drawing with Kids, by Mona Brooks.


Crystal Escobar said...

Haha, that is funny!!!
I love your picture!!! You are VERY talented. Learning to paint is on my list of things to do this year :)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks Crystal! I'm sure you would rock at painting as you seem very multi-talented, plus you already have some artistic talent, I remember seeing a drawing you did on one of your vlogs.