Monday, March 29, 2010

My Mommy Moments McLinky Party

This McLinky Party is a followup to my recent "Mommy Brain" post. In the spirit of sharing, bonding and being able to laugh not in ridicule, but because you can about your best/worst (however you see it) "mommy moments" and link up here! Then be sure to click on and read each other's "mommy moments" and comment! I'm keeping this party open till the end of the month.

I'm REALLY looking forward to some good stories/confessions!!!

1. Enter the link to your specific "Mommy Moments" post, not your blog homepage.

2. Please include a link back to me in your post or you can just post my button somewhere on your post.

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As I mentioned in my previous post, one thing I did on more than one occasion due to mommy brain was leave the house with my arms full with everything I needed, but after walking halfway down the sidewalk to my car, realized I had no shoes on! I also have put the milk in the pantry once!

The worst Mommy Brain moment that I felt SO guilty about and never wanted to tell anyone was the time I forgot to buckle my daughter in her car seat when she was a baby. I had a snap n go stroller (which is awesome I would recommend those to anyone just don't make this mistake!) and went to meet up with some friends who wanted to see the baby. With a snap N go, the car seat just sits right into the stroller. While visiting with my friends, they had unbuckled her to hold her, then set her back in the car seat and put her blanket back on her. Later when we left, I just took the car seat out of the stroller and snapped it into it's base in the car. When I got home and brought her into the house, I took the blanket off her and I realized that I never re-buckled her into the car seat! I felt SO awful and extremely thankful that nothing bad had happened on the way home!!!

And my worst Mommy Moment was when I had a staff meeting at the art school I worked for to share the summer art camp curriculum I had developed with the other teachers. I brought my daughter with me because everyone wanted to see her. I tried nursing her before we left but she wouldn't eat. We were about halfway to the studio when she just started screaming hysterically in the car so I pulled over at this secluded park and tried nursing her in the car. That seemed to be doing the trick, she was ready to eat now! As she was nursing, I felt something warm between my legs....I picked her up and realized she had just had diarrhea/poop water that went strait out the back of her diaper and all over my lap, spilling between my legs and pooling on my seat. I was wearing off-white pants, and sure enough I look at her and she's pretty much just literally all poured out the back of her diaper onto me. I had a change of clothes for her in the diaper bag...but not for ME! So I had to turn around and go home to change. We lived in an apartment complex with horrible parking so I had to walk all the way from my car to the apartment looking like I was the one with diarrhea as it was all between my legs and down my back side from the poop water pool she had made on my seat. I had left thinking I would be early to the staff meeting and ended up being like a hour late! It was a poopy situation to say the least!


melonbelly said...

I live in mommy moment world from the second I wake up until I go tto bed!

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

Great idea! Somehow last night I found you on someone else's blog, I can't remember who though (mommy moment?!) Glad I did! I'm your latest follower!

Crystal Escobar said...

oh my gosh!!!! That is so funny, and gross :)