Friday, August 26, 2011

Doll Bed Before After

Doll Bed 
Before & After

Earlier this summer I picked up this little doll bed at a yard sale for 25 cents...

It must have been the lower part of a doll bunk bed because it just had those little dowel pieces sticking up on the end of each also had that old yellow vinyl glued to a board for the mattress.

I found these Dowel toppers at hobby lobby for like $1.27 for a pack of 4 and stuck them on the tip of each post...but there was still a bit of a gap so I filled it in with caulking that my husband had left on the work bench from doing the windows.

Then I lightly sanded the doll bed, removed the vinyl and spray painted the bed white (MY FIRST SPRAY PAINT JOB!) and painted the mattress board light pink.

(Yeah I know the grass is too long, we need to buy a new lawn mower!)

I made the pillow with the fabric that WAS the lining of the curtains I used on the crib bumper pad (the shinyish slate blue fabric was a curtain panel on clearance and was just the fabric I had wanted!) The pink fabric was also just sitting in my stash.  I learned about these sweet little circle flowers with the burnt edges from Crystal over @ Wanna Be Balanced, they are really simple and I plan on making a lot more of these in the future!


melonbelly said...

candace, this is so beautiful! What a perfect makeover!!! Love that you got it for .25 too! :)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks Codi! You are like the queen of deals, it seems like you totally score on freecycle all the time!