Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY-Tall Cylinder Vase for Tree Branches in Girls Room

How to Make a Cheap Tall Cylinder Vase 
w/ scalloped edge
Tree Branch Decor for Girls Room

I got this tree branch from our backyard after a recent storm and wanted to put it in my girls room.  Her room is a slow work in progress but it's coming along!  The bedroom theme a nature theme with birds and butterflies and her colors are yellow, pink and blue (her choice).  I was shopping around looking for a cheap vase or urn to put the branches in that would be cute, but I just could not find anything that was really worth buying let alone a good price at all.  After a bunch of looking around at tall vases, I gave up and then in that moment of giving up, this idea popped in my mind.  I could MAKE a cheap tall vase with poster board...So here it is.


2 coordinating or matching colors of poster board (my daughter wanted purple and pink)
modge modge or spray adhesive
small cup
glue gun/ or other strong adhesive

Cover the entire back side of the poster board with modge podge or spray glue
 Lay the other poster board on top and press and smooth the surface.
 To create the scalloped edge along the top of the vase, take a small cup and trace the curves in a straight line as pictured below (along the width of the board).  Trace your scalloped edge on the color that will be the inside of your vase so you don't see any remaining pencil marks on the outside.
 Cut along your traced lines to create the scalloped edge.

 Roll the poster board up to create a cylinder and line up the scalloped top edges.  Secure with a staple.
 Secure with a staple at the top and bottom to create you tall cylinder vase.
 Along the edge, secure fully with the glue gun.
 I placed the tree branch in an old smaller vase and put some rocks in the bottom to keep it from tipping over.

 Then slipped it inside the tall cylinder vase....

 And it cost less than $2
(see that blue castle? I can't believe it still exists!  I've had to glue it back together a couple times but it was one of my first projects on this blog Dec 2009...The Diamond Castle)
 I am planning to make some birds to put in the branches but I'm trying to think if there is anything I should add to the vase, perhaps some rossettes, fabric flowers, ric rac...??? ... hmm....I'll keep thinking and let you know if and when I get around to it...for now I'm happy with it the way it is and more importantly, my 4 year old was SO thrilled when she saw this in the corner of her room.  She thinks it's AMAZING!  sometimes it doesn't take much to please them does it?  And if she thinks this simple cheap vase is great, then I'm happy to have the money to put towards other projects! 

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