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How to Do Everything - My Demand Media Commercial

How to Do Everything
My Demand Media Commercial

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I first discovered eHow (the source for how to do everything) in late 2007 and have seen it go through many transformations.  I started out using it as a writing platform and was able to generate extra income (you can read more about that here) and as I got more involved in the community and with the company, I enjoyed watching it evolve and loved all the useful and interesting information I would come across on the site, as well as the great community, which was all managed by the infamous Rich.  As a long time user of the site, I was asked earlier this year to do this video.  I almost forgot about it and this summer has been so crazy, I just saw today when I was catching up on my email that they had finished it and put it up in June.

When I went to San Francisco for the Last eHow User Meeting (where I got to hang out with Brook Burke and Lisa Roosenblatt after Web 2.0) they gave us an assignment to create something that represented what eHow was to us.  You could make posters, collages, there was playdough...etc.  I took some white clay and formed it into a cube block.  When it was my turn to present my impression of eHow, my fellow eHower's were wondering what my explanation of this little chunk of clay could possibly be.  In my opinion, the white clay cube represented eHow because when you arrive at eHow, there is unlimited potential for projects, learning and inspiration.  That white clay cube could be formed and sculpted into anything, just like when you go to eHow, you can learn how to do everything and anything, all in one place, and it forms and sculpts your know-how and experiences.

I do miss the old eHow days, I have met some truly wonderful people including my friend Maria AKA WriterGig who authors the My Work at Home Mom Blog.   She is a genius at generating income from home with online content.  Another awesome gal is Amy Kuncaitis, author of Joy in the Morning, a gem of a book that will bless anyone and everyone who reads it.  She shares the experience of an out of the blue, rare, life-threatening illness that rendered her healthy four-year old completely paralyzed...

"Amy Kuncaitis recalls the physical, emotional and Spiritual struggles and triumphs as their family went through days of not knowing what was making their daughter ill and many months of rehabilitation for their daughter to be restored to health. Come experience how this family learned what it really means to have faith, even through this very deep valley in their lives. Joy in the Morning is a book of hope for the hopeless, healing for the broken hearted, and encouragement for anyone who is struggling to understand why we go through the things we do in this life. Amy Kuncaitis is a stay at home mom to her three children except the one day a week she teaches computers to Senior Citizens. Amy has been married to her best friend Ben for almost twelve years." 

They donate all proceeds from her book to local charities that work with children.  Amy and her husband used their circumstance as a way to share their joy in the Lord and exercise complete trust in Him.  

Other great people I've met in the eHow old days include
 Sharon L. West aka MightyDreamer, Recording Artist (listen to her mp3 samples here) and program creator and director of Mighty Dreamer Angels
Janey Bromley Ford personal website, author of
"Love You to Pieces (awaiting publication), Guide to Ethical Dog Breeding and How to Write for eHow. Three more book projects in the wings. I am also a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles online for Demand Studios, Triond, Examiner and others..."
David Sarokin author of 200pd
Jerrie Dean author of Missing Persons of America
Mike Limatola co-founder of CellySource
HSSchulte super writer with 9 weekly updated blogs, guest blogger, freelancer and ghost writer, her personal page is here.
Darla Hanger whom you can find on Examiner
And others but these are some that I've had the pleasure to get to know in person and who have websites and links.


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