Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Footprint Butterfly Tutorial

 well, I made the footprint gift for Grandma like I was hoping to do!  It was a big hit!

Footprint Butterfly Keepsake Tutorial

a round wooden "plaque" from hobby lobby (but could also be done on a small canvas or other shaped plaque)
foam brush
modge podge
tissue paper/crepe paper
non-toxic tempura paint
glue gun
I covered the entire front surface with modge podge and then lined up and pressed on my crepe paper.  After smoothing it out and letting it dry, I put a bit of modge podge around the edges on the back side and wrapped the crepe paper around (as you can see in the above pic).  I also hot glued a ribbon to the back for hanging.

I mixed some tempura paint and then used a foam brush to apply it to my daughters feet, while she sat on the counter in the bathroom.  I pressed the the plaque against her feet to make the prints.  I realized after the fact, it would have made better butterfly wings if I had done her feet with the outsides facing each other like I did with the baby's feet.  
As soon as I got her prints, I set it aside, and we washed her feet off in the sink.  Then later while she was taking a nap and her footprints had dried, I did the baby's footprints in the same manner.

 After both set of footprints were dry, I decided to go over them with another layer of paint to add some depth and definition.  I also painted in the simple butterfly body, nothing complicated...anyone could do it!
After looking at it...I couldn't stop noticing the upper right corner is so bare, but I only had one shot to do the kids feet and maybe didn't arrange them the best...I just couldn't think of what I could add to that space without it starting to look to cheesy or something...I had a couple ideas but then decided to leave it the way it was.  What would you have added to balance it out?

Here is a little poem I wrote and attached to the back of the plaque on card stock. It's from the point of view of a little grandchild exploring their grandmother's garden, in their own world just observing the details.  The gardens of grandma's are always a special place to explore.

Grammy's Garden

I tiptoe down a secret path
smelling flowers as I go
I come upon a small bird bath
and what do you suppose?

A little robin cooling off
splashing water to and fro
and then I see a butterfly
alight upon a rose.

and then I see a butterfly
alight upon my nose!
-that might be a cute illustration

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Ascending Butterfly said...

I love butterflies what a sweet idea! One of your little butterflies has quite an arch! :-)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Yeah, she takes after me with the high arches! I've always needed to put inserts in my shoes for added arch support/

Melissa said...

This is such a cute idea!!!

Monica Lasich said...

I am a stay at home mom of 6 and I make the cutest hand/footprint plaques in ceramic-I also do butterflies! Check out my stuff at and click on butterly tag on the right side to see MY butterfly footprints! You can order a mail order mold kit for me to do this for you!

kendra daley said...

Love it!! What a beautiful keepsake!