Friday, August 27, 2010

FAB Friday - Mom Model

What's a Mom model?  A mom role model,  another mom who just does such a great job while at the same time is not an alpha mom trying to prove she's the best mom.  She's the kind of mom you really want to be like... smart, loving to her kids, down to earth, fun, patient, cool, creative, resourceful, hospitable, charitable, dedicated to her family, she's got her priorities in order, friendly and easy to talk to, full of great ideas (although she doesn't admit it) know...the works!  Well I have one mom model that I'd like to introduce you to today who I just think the world of.  She is always thinking about others and wanting to help.  She loves her family and is so creative in planning fun learning activities for her boys and is very resourceful, witty, down to earth and just a great person who can probably get along with anyone.  I've mentioned her on my blog before but I want to formally introduce you all to Codi from Melonbelly!

She has the most adorable, fun loving family, married to her college sweetheart with 2 cute little boys that my daughter wishes she could play with EVERYDAY!  I think if we moved in next door, my daughter would think that was the best thing to ever happen in her life! lol.  Codi has a great mom blog that is full of great stuff from frugal ideas for family fun, parenting articles, tips and fun stories, food and health, saving money and of course funny stories and thoughts that will make you laugh out loud.  She has a way of being so relatable (is that a word?) and you will love the cute pictures and stories of her 2 close in age boys! (oh and she was a school teacher before she started her family, no wonder she is so great with kids).

She is such a sweet gal, I met her when I was pregnant and we were both pretty new to the area and I have no family within 1500 miles.  She immediately came to my aide and totally surprised me with her generosity and thoughtfulness.  She gave me a baby shower/girls night  (when she barely knew me) and made me this awesome diaper cake and treated me to cheesecake factory.  When I went into labor in the middle of the night, she came to the rescue and took care of my 3 year old daughter....which I seriously can not be more grateful for because it was so stressful not having any family near by or knowing many people that I felt comfortable with taking care of Jordan or that Jordan would feel comfortable with.  I went into labor on Good Friday and was in the hospital during Easter, and she was thoughtful enough she made up Easter Eggs with surprises in them for my daughter and she arranged for me to have meals delivered daily for almost 2 weeks through our playgroup as soon as we got home so even though I had no family near by, she really made sure we were taken care of, that's the kind of person she is.  She's done many other things as well, and just amazes me at what an awesome person she is, truly a godsend.  She is a gem and so is her blog, so go on over and check her out!  And follow, you'll be glad you did!  I think she has some good stuff up her sleeve to come in the near future!

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