Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mermaid Skirt


This Sunday I attempted to design and make a child mermaid costume for my 3 year old daughter.  A week ago, I took her to Hobby Lobby and we picked out some fabrics we thought would be good for making a mermaid costume because she loves The Little Mermaid and Loves to play dress-up!  So I used her as my model, and using chip bag clips, draped the fabric around her a few times trying to figure out how I wanted to make it, because I had a few ideas in mind.  Anyways, she loves it and last night told my husband that she is Ariel, he is Prince Eric and Mommy is Flounder...when he asked who her baby brother was and she said "The bad witch!"...hmmm....

Mermaid Tail Costume

I liked this fabric and design because I thought it was perfect  for acheiving the mermaid look!  I also was channeling the dress that Ariel is wearing when her father turns her back into a human and she walks out of the water in that fancy, sparkly blue evening gown.  My daughter caught on too, she was watching the movie in her new mermaid tail costume, enjoying being a mermaid, when it came to that part of the movie and she suddenly jumped up and said "I'm wearing dress like Ariel!"  I was happy she caught onto that and was able to pretend it was both the mermaid tail and Ariel's dress.  

-btw, that iridescent fabric on the fins was a PAIN in the BUTT! NEVER buying it again unless I have a serger or know more about sewing with those types of special occasion fabrics.  Right now, I'm just winging it on my Brother LS2000 I bought for $50 on Black Friday at Walmart. 


Saretta said...

That's so cool! Your little girl is lucky to have such a creative mommy!

melonbelly said...

love it! I also love your blog redesign. You've been workin hard girl!