Friday, August 6, 2010

FAB Friday! - Sunny Choi

FAB Friday was started by my friend Crystal Escobar from Wanna Be Balanced, a super awesome blog!  I was so excited and honored when she featured me on one of her FAB. Fridays and I've been wanting to jump on the wagon and start participating in FAB Friday's too!  You can read about how FAB Fridays started on her blog HERE.
I'm super excited to do this because there are so many great women out there who inspire me and or are just down right FABULOUSLY AWESOME!

The first lady I wanted to share with you is not someone I know personally, but I just discovered her and wanted to share.  I used to spend hours in front of the piano every day up until I moved away for college and then I'd make the effort to go spend hours in the piano practice rooms in the music department as much as possible.  But the past three years since having my two wonderful children, I've really gotten out of it.  I used to sit down and compose songs or improvise and enjoy it so much!  I know I have DEFINITELY lost a lot of the talent I used to have...that's why they say "practice practice practice!"  Anyways, I came across this girl who plays the piano and has a bunch of videos on You Tube and it just really inspired me because she is playing like the way I USED to play and really inspired me to MAKE time to practice and get comfortable at the piano again.  Watching her videos reminded me of how much I love to play and realize how much I miss it.  So, piano practice time is going into my schedule, if I keep waiting for a good time to'll never come so I have to make it happen.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Sunny Choi
Not only is she a gorgeous young woman, She is a Canadian (as am I - until my citizenship goes through soon, then I guess I'll be considered dual!).  She has the gift of playing by ear, meaning she can play any song she hears without needing the music and has played for audiences of thousands.  Her musical resume/biography is extensive, but she also has big ambitions..."While I am young, I want to be able to try a lot of different things and I still think there will be time to achieve my goal of becoming a physician.”
Sunny immigrated to Canada in 1999 with her family. Sunny started piano since she was 5 years old and she made use of her talent starting in high school by performing for weddings and other events to earn her allowance. Sunny has a unique ability to play piano music by listening to music only, rather than learning and reading from the actual music score. She launched her website to start marketing her talent and performs for weddings, corporate events and other private events to show off her skills. Earlier this year, Sunny performed for a government-funded Tibet Cultural Event by performing Tibetan music that was never written for piano. Sunny plays other instruments such as flute.
Sunny has won numerous awards for piano including a big win in 2001 when she was recognized as a provincial final competition winner. Sunny is currently studying human biology. When she was asked the reason for choosing her major, she replied “There are too many other things that I want to study and achieve in life that is beyond just music”.
Since starting her university education, Sunny has come to realize that her main interest is in senior citizens’ health. Sunny volunteers weekly at Toronto Rehab as a social support to elderly patrons. Sunny stated that she feels easily connected and comfortable around seniors rather than doing the same with children. Her ultimate goal in life is to run her own senior care home and to work in this home as a geriatric physician.
Despite Sunny’s busy schedule, she somehow squeezed in extra time during the last summer to volunteer at a HIV/AIDS hospice in Malaysia for a month. Sunny is a rare individual for efficiently spending her time for being able to do three completely different activities all at once.
“While I am caught up with work, I often miss spending time with many friends, but while I am younger, I want to take advantage of every opportunity and experiment through different kinds of experiences in order to become a not-so-ordinary physician one day”.

-A Pianist Reaching to Become a Doctore, Korean Times, 2008

Here she performs Christina Perry's Jar of Hearts

Performing "What If"by Jason Derülo

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