Friday, July 30, 2010

Flower Accessories

The other night I went to a moms night out event in which there were a variety of activities set up for moms to enjoy while visiting and enjoying some grown-up time with other moms.  My friend from Melonbelly took me to this event and here are some of the things we made while gabbing up a storm!  We made a bunch of rings even though there were other crafts...I think we both just love burning ourselves with hot glue guns.

Here is a fabric flower ring, hmmm...might need some trimming...

(we started the 2-tone trend at the event!)

Here I was just experimenting with the supplies and made another ring.  I glued scrap fabric around a button, and then glued another button on top.

Then we found some flowers from a scrapbooking table and decided to make real flower rings...

We also made big sunflower hair clips.  I always wondered where people found those cute flower headbands or flower hair clips for their babies and little girls...they MADE them and it's so EASY!

And Last but not least, we made handmade greeting cards.  I'm not a great scrapbooker, but for this they provided samples and all the supplies so it actually turned out!

Anyways, these were all super easy, very simple crafts that just kept our hands busy while doing some girl bonding! 


Fabric Flower Tutorial

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

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Unknown said...

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