Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing with Kitty

Okay, so I've just been trying to catch up from all the stuff we've been doing this summer.  Here is a video of J playing with my brother's kitty named Riku at my parent's house, and yes, she's wearing her flower girl dress because she is obsessed with her "wedding dress".  When the baby gets a bit older we're going to have to get a kitty, she is a kitty LOVER!  One of her favorite FREE activities to do is go to the pet store and play with the kittens, which works for me, I like cats too....esspecially how low maintenance they are!

Also, I gave my husband a HAIRCUT last night.  Yep, an at home hair job...I was nervous to do it but he convinced and assured me that he was okay with getting a buzz cut if it didn't turn out.  I don't have a hair cutting kit so I had to use his beard trimmer and sewing scissors...and I have to admit I thought I might accidentally cut my finger off because they were a little BIG for cutting hair with...but...it worked out.  It actually didn't turn out too bad..no buzz cut needed!  I'll have to take a pic...it's not perfect...but it's not noticeably bad either...I'll post a before and after pic soon!  And my husband is so happy I was able to do it decently because now he doesn't have to pay to go to the barber anymore...lol....always the cheapo!

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