Monday, July 19, 2010

Corn on the Cob and a Tiny Lizard

 (Family pic from our Road Trip to Austin this past week!)

 Well, today I decided to switch it up and try something new with our $0.10 corn on the cob.  We always just boil it, then butter and salt.  Today, my hubby grilled the chicken (he always does because he's pretty particular when it comes to grilling) and I did the corn.  I'm not very brave when it comes to trying new things or just making something up on the spot and I'm sure this has been done before, but for me, I was just experimenting.  I husked the corn, then brushed it with EVOO and sprinkled with kosher salt.  We put it on the grill and grilled till tender (there wasn't any flame left on the charcoal so it didn't totally roast it).  When it was done, I sprinkled Parmesan cheese on it and WOW, I LOVED it!  It tasted so good with the olive oil, Parmesan and had a nice smokey flavor from the BBQ.  So anyways, I didn't bother taking pictures but it was a great way to switch things up a bit!  YUM!  I have to go buy more of that corn and make it like that again ASAP! 

Oh...and now we have a lizard living in our living room!  We have this chimney thing for starting the briquetts for the charcoal grill....and I got it from our patio and was carrying it through the apartment to take out front (cuz it's illegal to bbq on our patio)...and right in the middle of the living room...something fell out of it and started running around and I sarted screaming and trying to figure out what it was and whether I should smash it with the chimney....I was moving like a giant centipede but looked kind of like a bigger bug...I thought maybe a roach or giant ear wig! J had just found the strawberries I had bought today and was bringing them to me to open and when she saw it,  she started freaking out and screaming too and threw the container of strawberries in the air which popped open and strawberries went everywhere.  Then the thing ran onto the entertainment center and I saw it was a little lizard...It quickly ran behind the yeah...I don't think we'll find it.  The rest of the night, J kept asking about the "wizard" and where it was, and saying "Wizard scared me, I drop strawberries on the ground like a flower girl" (she was recently a flower girl in our friends' wedding a month ago).

Any little thing tonight is going to give me the heeby jeebies...I'm going to be paranoid about it crawling around us in our sleep!  lol!  It's a really tiny fast little sucker!  I'll freak out if I wake up and it's on B's face in the middle of the night! When J was 3 months old, I was taking her to JCPenny for her pictures...and I was pushing her in her stroller to the car from our apartment and happened to look down and there was an HUGE spider right on her face!  Washington gets some pretty big spiders...I think they are called wolf spiders...anyways, I grabbed it by one of the legs and flung it off her...I felt so sick and desturbed I almost cried and wanted to cancel our  If that lizard does the same thing...oh man...I hope not!

So my advice of the day is to TRY yourCorn on the Cob my new way and SHAKE anything that has been outside before bringing it inside just in case there may be any tiny reptiles hiding inside!

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