Friday, July 23, 2010

3 month Baby Pics and a Road Trip

Last weekend, first thing in the morning after getting home from a road trip with the family, I met with Studio Eleven Photography and the North Dallas Photography club for a infant photoshoot and here are a couple pics I got of the little guy, already 3 1/2 months! Whew it goes by fast (and if you've noticed, I haven't had many projects to post since he came along).

Here are some pics from our road trip, we tagged along with the hubby for work and it was great, we would swim or take naps at the hotel while he had meetings, then have dinners with people or just do fun stuff when he wasn't busy with appointments!

Austin, TX

Killing time waiting for the famous bats to make an appearance.  She saw people jogging on the trail and decided to be a jogger too.

still waiting...

Well, I think they were a no got so late and could keep the kids up any longer!

Lake Travis


The Alamo

River walk in San Antonio, TX

Enchanted Rock, near Fredricksburg, TX

I participated in It's a Hodgepodge Friday!


Jo Shabo said...

hi! Met you over at my blog and wanted to check yours out- it is TOO cute!!
Are you in the North Dallas area too?
That would be really cool!

Jo Shabo said...

That is sooo cool about your MDO program you are doing- what a great idea! You should check out my Thursday Preschool Playdates that I do with a couple mommies - I actually live in Farmers Branch/Carrollton area. We have been doing preschool playdates since January. They are lots of fun! Maybe sometime in the future we could meet up! I love meeting mommies that are interested in staying at home and teaching at home. I taught for 6 years myself and now I am at home with my girls- and LOVING it!! :) If you ever want to chat you can use my email address- it might be easier

Lorie said...

Oh no! The bats were a no show? That stinks! We just moved to Austin this year and haven't gone to see them yet, but it is on our list of things to do!

Quirky Momma said...

I am coming over from Mom Loops - Friday Follow Group... and I have found a ton of similarities!!! We both have newborns and preschoolers! We both are in Texas! Love your pictures. Jo, I am in the DFW area. We have mommy blogger gatherings occasionally. I'd love to meet both of you sometime!

Lyn said...


I found you through e-how looking up gluten free brownie recipes. Does the recipe need 1/4 cup corn starch? The recipe on line doesn't list a measurement....