Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year New Hair

Bit the Bullet and Dyed my Hair (at home)!

 3 weeks prior


So I've been thinking about dying my hair on and off since Jordan was born but always chicken out so the other night I finally bit the bullet and tried it.  I checked around on the internet and Tyler called his aunt who is a hairdresser and the general consensus was to use clairol nice n easy #10 lightest blonde.  I was so nervous and totally freaking out but I knew I could go get it done professionally if I didn't like it.

It didn't turn lightest blonde, but it turned all my darkest dirty blonde areas of hair to strawberry blonde.  I guess people will stop asking where Bronson got his hair color :)  My hair feels much nicer after using the dye, highlights always dry out my hair and now it feels so silky I'm not used to it!  Now I can actually get the straightner to go smoothly through an entire length of hair, before, trying to curl my hair with the straightener was difficult, it would always get caught or stick as I got towards the bottom of each section of hair (yes even when brushing the sections well before straightening).  So when I curled my hair with the flat iron the other day, I couldn't believe how much easier it was!   PLUS it only took 10 minutes to process once I got my hair covered...going to the salon always takes half the day, my highlights always take forever to process.  Although I did almost throw up when I finished washing the dye out...it looked bright orange at first but it didn't stay like that, it toned down and when I dried it looked like it does in the after pictures.  And below is with the flash.

Anyways here it is.  :)  Honestly, it looks a lot different to us, but only a couple of people have noticed the difference, not even Jordan has said anything and she doesn't miss a thing so yeah, maybe I'm making a big deal about dying my hair, but it really wasn't a big change, just the first time doing all over color (besides my embarassing hair days (which I shared on wannabebalanced recently to win the personal microdermabrasion system, thanks everyone who voted!) when I had Karen Kane hair in 8th grade and dyed it maroon, then bleached it and got a firey orange...which was cool because that was the same time as the movie the Fifth Element of course! LOL! I still looked like a "shim" though....apparently.  

Anyways....I don't know what my deal is, I'm just a DIY junkie, I like to try doing things myself.  I also did my own trim a couple months ago after giving B his first haircut, looking at my ends in the picture above...I think it's time for another one!

Did I mention it cost $10? That is less then what I tip when I get my hair done!


Amy said...

It looks great, very natural on you! I've been thinking it's time for a change with my hair but I'm so cheap I don't want to go somewhere to get it done. My mother-in-law is a hair dresser and I occasionally ask her to give me a trim but I'm thinking for the first time in my life I might want some trendy cut? Someone mentioned a cosmetology school is cheap so I might give one a call. I have about 4 close friends who are also beauticians but I don't want to go to one and what if I don't like it, I won't want to go back but I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings ya know? Plus which friend would I pick, would I hurt another's feelings if they knew I went to someone else? Decisions decisions. I guess I need to just take the plunge like you.

Crystal Escobar said...

I love it Candice. Looks so cute.