Thursday, January 5, 2012

Official New Years Post

Happy New Years!!!

I know I'm behind the times already, but I wanted to do an official new years post so Happy New Years to you all!  I hope you rang it in the best way you know how, whether that's dancing with glow stick wands to Barbie Girl Aqua station on Pandora (like our kids) then passing out on the couch before the ball drops once the kids are in bed....or actually doing something more adventurous or glamorous, I hope it was wonderful and that you all have a year filled with joy, blessing and accomplishment!

So what are your New Years Resolutions? How about a little Pinterest Inspiration?

I have a print out I made with 8 different things on it that I am actively working on, but they aren't new year's resolutions per se, it was my Christmas Gift to my husband as he didn't want me to spend any money on him as his I wanted to give him a better version of me starting with all the obvious things I needed to work on or that would be nice first.  Maybe once these things are all integrated into my lifestyle without having to actively think about doing them, I'll work on some other things.  

Some of the things are

Waking up with Hubby in the morning (he always gets up before me and a lot of the time I wake up and he's already gone to work and I was in such a deep sleep I didn't notice him getting up and getting ready.  So I've been trying to wake up when he does, make his lunch for him and spend a little time together in the mornings before the kids get up. 

Juice Everyday we recently got a Juiceman Juicer and haven't used it yet but just started and it's been great!  I let Jordan help me and she things it's so fun and she also thinks it's the best juice ever in the world.  And today, Bronson drank half of mine, which excited me because he's been so picky lately it's been hard to get anything besides applesauce and cereal in him!  It's good for me too...I've never been a good veggie eater but I have no problem with the juice.

Work out at least FOUR days a week and use the sauna Before the move, this was part of our routine and I loved it, it was such a stress reliever but after the move we got out of the workout routine and we also have a sauna in our basement and I haven't been using it as much as I want to.  So far that's going great, I have been doing Yoga and using the Elliptical and doing a little bit of free weights and then sweating it out in the sauna.

Stay on top of my vitamin/supplements regimen I've had some pretty crummy health this year due to hypothyroidism, anemia and low vit D.  I got to a new doc and got on NatureThroid and now my thyroid is finally doing much better but I still struggle with fatigue physically and mentally from the low iron and vit D....and I mean REALLY REALLY the charts low....and I have the supplements I need but I am forgetful about taking I made a chart that I keep out so I can check off at the different times of day when I'm taking my supplements to make sure I don't forget.  

Keep our Room Clean Not that it's super messy (mainly my closet) but I did tell him I would keep our room clean...I don't always remember to make the bed and he doesn't know how to hang up his dress pants the right way, they always end up twisted, but then I  never hang them up either so they get draped everywhere...and sometimes I let the laundry pile get  a little too big (you know I'm just trying to be green and conserve energy by doing less frequent, large loads rather than lots of small loads!!! lol)

Meal Plan Daily so I have dinner figured out and either ready or in the process of getting ready or at least know what I am going to make so I have what I need by the time he gets home from work.  I've been good at this in the past but for a while now it always seems like a scramble last minute what to have for dinner.

Pray for him Daily I pray for the kids ALL THE TIME, but I wanted to make an effort to be praying for him every day too.  There's a book called "The Power of a Praying Wife" haven't read it...but the title inspires me :P

Anyways, these are some of the main things I'm focusing on right now...I've also been enjoying having all the Christmas Decorations put away and working on decorating the house and everything...Since we moved I just hadn't gotten that motivation or inspiration I needed to really decorate the new house, but after putting Christmas stuff away, it was a lot more bare looking and the motivation and inspiration came!  PLUS it's been fabulous weather, I feel like I'm still in Texas with this mild winter weather we've been having...I've been loving all the sunshine, it spills in through all our windows and warms the house up I don't even have to turn on the heater sometimes!

Next Up...a recap of my favorite posts of 2011 and more so stay tuned.....

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Amy said...

I hear you on keeping your room clean. I always clean the whole house and leave my bedroom for last. After cleaning the whole house, I don't feel like cleaning one more room so it stays messy. I need to start with my room for now on. Good luck to you with your goals, you can do it!