Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Felt and Pom Ice Cream Cone

Felt and Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone

Up until today we have been enjoying lots of time at home “not going ANYWHERE!!!” as my daughter surprisingly exclaimed with glee each morning of Christmas break.  We enjoyed lots of little activities aside from the kids just enjoying their Christmas gifts, and in Jordan’s case, some of her new craft supplies….such as these jumbo pom poms.  She got a big bag of these pom poms and wanted to make something, and being that the plush cake and strawberries I made are one of her favorite playthings, we decided to make more play treats and whipped up this triple scoop ice cream cone using felt, pom poms and a glue gun.

 Yummy Triple Scoop Rainbow Ice Cream..." favorite mom!"

And although Christmas is truly over, she suddenly gasped one day and exclaimed to me “MOM!!! We didn’t make gingerbread cookies!!!” Which I had no idea she even knew about them because it’s not  anything we have done before, so we just made these paper gingerbread men and J enjoyed using her new glue (who would of thought glue in a stocking was so exciting!) googly eyes and craft scissors.

Like the Christmas Clothespin Magnet holding the paper gingerbread man?

And since I haven't been keeping up with the things I've wanted to post, here is another after the fact picture from Christmas...makes me laugh

And a few more from the day while I'm at it...

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