Friday, January 27, 2012

House Peeking

So I've been pretty slow to do a lot of decorating and whatnot with the new house.  We moved in May from and apartment so it's been kinda bare.  I guess it took a while for me to get comfortable and not feel worried about if the previous owners would approve...(they had done a nice job and the house was in such great condition).  Anyways, here are some of the things I've gotten around to putting up's not much but it's coming along.


 had the table since my college dorm, mirror was a wedding gift, got the wire bowl 50 cents at church "yard" sale, balls from hobby lobby, frames from home goods, topiary from west elm (clearance for $10) and the candlesticks I just got on clearance at TJ Maxx for $5 each...
 J is wearing the pillowcase dress and headband I  made in this pic

 B is wearing the first necktie I made

Just picked up the metal decor 50% off at Hobby Lobby for the entryway

Here is how it all looks from inside 

The cross is what you see when walking down the stairs, I told J that it will help her remember everyday when she comes down in the morning that Jesus loves her.


Bedroom still has lots of room for improvement as we have no real bedroom set, our bed is just on rails and we have an old hand me down dresser.  I picked up a sitting chair from the thrift store when we moved here for hardly anything and it's in perfect condition. I want to paint and recover it but just haven't decided what I how I want to do it yet.  There are only 2  things we have done in here...Put in a different ceiling fan because we didn't like the gold and white fan that looked dated (this one isn't anything fancy but we like it better, it was only $50-i think it may end up in my sons room eventually and get something else but it's an improvement for now)

here is how the room looks (normally i make the bed)...eventually this will be part of a before and after post I'm sure! I DO love my windows though!

but my FAVORITE of my favorite things in the whole house is this lith from Carlton T Chapman 1888.  When my in-laws came out to visit and brought us some things from their house, they also brought us this piece of artwork and I LOVE IT! I love how my mother-in-law had it framed and matted as well with linen.  I love to look over at it when I wake up. Thanks Mom and Dad C!

Hubby went around and painted all the outlet covers so they blend in better.  The previous owners left all the paint from different rooms and had it all labeled in the basement which is nice.

putting up memorabilia and what not

 There is a large drawing I did in college, a framed album insert from Frank Sinatra's greatest hits, a framed menu from Modern Apizza (in New Haven, CT) a bw pic of my hubby's first car and some sports memorabilia.  I made the JETS banner for my hubby using felt and framed it in those cheap frames from Walmart that are like $3. We just got some more menu's and more memorabilia from my husbands last trip to CT that I'll be adding to the wall.

More memorabilia, a campaign sign from when my father-in-law ran for political office, various album art, etc.

Where I work out (a super awesome craigslist find!)

Where hubby works out (another great craigslist find...less than a one year membership at an average gym would cost)

Just put up this $2 clock from Target to look at through the glass door so I will actually know how long I've been sitting in HERE...

Yes, I love this!  

It would be nice to just do everything we wanted to do and decorate everything all at once, but we are thrifty and frugal and so we just wait till we find a good deal on what we need or are looking for.  I do have some serious empty wall space around the house though that I'm going to have to do something about sooner than later!!!  But I've just been so happy enjoying our new home and having more space than the 2 bedroom apartment we were in, with the baby waking up 20+ times a night bc he was stuck in our room with us!  But I AM glad we decided hold off on buying a house and go the cheap apartment route as long as we did because it was worth the wait :)


Trista said...

I can't wait to visit. Don't feel bad about not decorating. I haven't done much yet either and we've been in our house for 4 yrs.

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks! you make me feel better! You always think that once you finally get your first home you will just have all these ideas and it will be decorated so'll get there....some-day! I can't wait for you to come visit too!!!

melonbelly said...

loved the sneak peak! :)