Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Freezie Pop Holder Sleeve - Easy Crafts with Kids

Sleeves for Freezies
don't freeze your fingers!

Nothing too new here, I saw these freezie holders  / sleeves all around blogland like two years ago and just never got around to making...like a million other cool things I see on all the great blogs out there.  After finishing those milk and cream jugs so quickly, my little crafting sidekick wanted to make something else so we whipped these up next....better late than never!

We started with these scrap squares, there were about 4 inch squares..left overs from the corners of a tie blanket.
We used some of the smaller pink scraps and cut out letters...very rough...nothing professional! It was just some fun mommy daughter time!

 Folded the square in half and stiched a seam along the bottom and open side, leaving the top open...I cut the corner as pictured below...I don't know if it's really necessary though....Then flip them right-side-out---a good job for a little helper.  She also pre-folded in half them for me before sewing.

Then we used the glue gun and glued our letters on....And I don't know about you all, but I don't think I have EVER used my glue gun without burning myself..multiple times!

Nothing fancy, but as you can see, my product testers approve....

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Eva @ SnappeeTurtle said...

new follower - found you on Tip Junkie! what a great and fun idea!

melonbelly said...

Great idea! Gotta love sticky-free fingers! :)

melonbelly said...

PS You know I love your fridge label too! :)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Oh yeah, I am totally Loving the sticky free fingers and also, the little guy would always drop them because he didn't like his hands cold so I would have to sit and hold it the whole time....not that he gets them very often...but when he does get the smaller half of a freezie he's pretty content! J and I were so proud when we put up labels everywhere...but I think we have started to tune them out...at least I do...I hope she's noticing them and making connections! lol