Friday, June 17, 2011

Scrappy Saturday! Weekend linky!

Happy Scrappy Saturday! I am having lap top trouble this week, first my hubby took it to work, now it is back home but the power cord is messed up and I cannot get the thing to turn on! Err! And I have picture on there i've been wanting to post all week so bear with me! In other news, I have to say I am really enjoying Omaha (area) a lot! I really was skeptical about whether I would actually like it here but i've been so surprised to find out what a nice place it is to live! (that is until winter comes..we'll see how if I still like it then!). But it is just such a relief to know that God really does know best. When we were still in Dallas, I never wanted to leave, I loved the DFW metroplex and all our friends and associations there and just fell in love with the south. I knew there may be opportunities in tyler's future with his career coming up and I always would pray and ask the Lord that he could meet his career goals in texas so we would never have to leave....especially not to go to Omaha...which I knew might be a possibility At some point. The thought of leaving Dallas to go to Omaha just seemed WRONG! Like how could we do that to ourselves?!? So I would always pray that that wouldn't happen, that we could stay in Dallas, that I would love to stay there, but say "Lord, you know what is best for us and so I trust you with wherever you take us, but just so you vote is to stay here in Dallas!". Well, when the the job offer came, I was kind of freaking out, i thought "just because he could get this promotion if we go to Omaha doesn't necessarily mean that is what we are supposed to do! So we were praying about it, and tyler knew right away it felt right...I did not...or didn't want it to feel right...I remember being on the elliptical at the gym one evening pumping away stressing overall of this and frustratedly calling out in my mind "okay lord just tell me YES or NO!!! (please)" in my heart I already knew but I couldn't bring myself to commit to it...then as soon as I finally admitted to my husband it seemed like the right move, everything started falling into placeandworking out WAY BETTER than I could have ever planned or hoped for. I could see the lord's hand on every last detail, things I wouldn't have even thought of. And when it came to our house, my mother in law had suggested starting a list soon after J was born 4years ago, of what we wanted in a house and praying for it specifically. I honestly thought it was a weird idea at the why would I need to do that? But then over time as we thought of and dreamed the things we needed and wanted in a home, the list started itself and I did start praying for it. When we found the house we are now in, which happened so randomly and without much effort, it had everything and it just amazed me how much God cared about our needs and desires, even if they were not the most important things in the world, he cared and we have felt beyond blessed and The more I am here and learning about my neighborhood and meeting our neighbors, and the general area, I just am so grateful that I trusted HIM because HE knew WAYYYY better than I. Without being able to trust in HIM, I know the decision to move and the process would have been so much more stressful and difficult. I am so grateful we aren't left having to rely on ourselves. Everything happened in less than a month and it was pretty much not stressful at all, every little piece just fell into place.
We still miss Dallas and our friends there, but are grateful for that experience and the growing we did there and we are excited to see what God has planned for us here.

Tonight our daughter discovered lightning bugs for the first time and her and I had the best view of an amazing fireworks show from the top of a farris wheel.

Okay...and onto the featured linkers from Last Saturday (sorry I'm so extra chatty my phone died and my hubs had the charger with him on a trip and I have spent most of my week mainly talking to a 4 year old!)

Ps-sorry for the typing I am still trying to get used to the iPad and it doesn't always let me move around very well in blogger to edit.

I couldn't pick just one, all of these posts were great!

This menS dress shirt refashion is just neat! I can use my sewing machine but I don't think I could pull this off! See the before and after at second chances by susan

I am loving this simple no sew felt envelope! This would have been much easier and cuter than the play wallet I made j two years ago.
Cheek it out at c.w.frosting

Aren't these just so cute? What a cool idea!

Scalloped shorts From green egs and ham


Unknown said...

I loved your chatty'ness :) and am very happy that, even with all the stress you experienced beforehand, the event itself fell into place :) As my mom continues to tell me all the time; everything happens for a reason :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Susan @ Second Chances by Susan said...

Thanks for the feature! I loved the other ones, too! I'm glad everything has fallen into place for you and your family! God really does hear and answer prayers!

Amy said...

THx for the feature! And, I loved your post. Sometimes life gets tough and I must remember that things don't happen on my time! Your post was a little remember to just put things in Gods hands and let it be.