Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Part 2

J picked out his T-shirt and I picked out the shorts.  He needed new cargo shorts bad but never wants me to buy him new if you didn't see it, here are his cargo shorts that inspired his halloween costume all ragged and torn up and stained.  Well those weren't just his pirate shorts, he wears them all the time...not anymore! :P  J liked the "reindeer" and when he got home from work on thursday told him 'I have a surprise for you daddy it's about a reindeer outfit!" so the past few days we have been joking about him getting his reindeer outfit on father's day...we started making him think it was a reindeer costume!  
 We made him homemade Chocolate Pudding, you can find the recipe in this post here.  It is one of his favorite desserts, anytime he finds out I'm making it it puts a big smile on his face...his mom used to make it for him growing up, and he's sentimental about his childhood and loves anything that brings back those memories, plus it is just really yummy!

 Doesn't this picture just make you want some of that pudding?

 The hammock was an early birthday gift that we gave him this weekend for father's day!
We Love you babe! 
Such a good Daddy!

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Crystal Escobar said...

That's adorable! Love all the pics.