Monday, June 13, 2011

Kids art lesson-first still life

Well I had two project reveals planned but my hubs had to take the laptop with the pictures to work for the next few days so I will have to hold off for now...but in other goings on over here, today I got Jordan out of a cranky addicted to the talking bird iPad app by pulling out the tempera paints, helping her mix up the colors (we only own the primary colors plus black and white) And set up her first still life at the table. I sat down and painted the basic shapes with her to make it more fun for both of us, before adding each object to her painting I would ask her what colors we needed to mix together to get the right color, if it applied, then have her plan her composition, just asking her first, "show me where you are going to put the banana" just to get her thinking a little about her composition before throwing the paint on there. Anyways, this was a super easy project to sit down and do and Anyone can set up a still life with their kids and help them learn about mixing colors. So if you are looking for a creative way to occupy the kids...have them do a still life drawing or painting. It was fun for her to pick out what objects to add to the still life and when we ran out of things, we looked at the grocery ad for ideas. .....

Ok I have to say blogging from the iPad is not as easy! I'm sure there are others who have mastered it, but I can't upload pics or videos, I posted a video of j and her painting on YouTube, but I can't even get the link to share it on sorry no visuals!

Here is my girl, proud of her still life :)

UPDATE: got my laptop to turn on finally here is the video

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