Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scrappy Saturdays!

I've been thinking about starting a weekly link-up for a while now and just had the idea the other day while making some flannel PJ bottoms for a doll that it would be fun to host a a link-up featuring projects made from scraps!  So if you have made anything using fabric scraps, paper scraps, old clothing, or any other re-purposing projects, link em up!  I'm not going to be too strict, if your creation was coming up with an amazing dinner using leftovers...that works too or if you think of something else!  So come back every Saturday and link up your projects and lets get inspired visiting each other!

I may form a new hobby of making doll clothes, it was like instant gratification!

Flannel Scrap Doll PJ Pants

So there is a thrift store not too far from our new home.  I have never taken the kids to a thrift store but thought we'd check it out one day this last week.  J didn't want to go in, she wanted to go home and I said "Well, there might be something special inside, let's go check it out!" so she reluctantly went in and then she found it....a snow white toddler doll in great condition for $1.50.  It was love at first sight as Snow White is her favorite princess.  As I buckled J into her carseat, she held her snow white doll tenderly and chatted away with her saying "You are going to be with me now! First I'm going to take you to the park and we can play for a while and then I'm going to take you home and you are going to stay with me..."  We went to the park and J sent her down the slides and pushed her on the swing and made her walk in the sand...then that night when I tucked them in bed together, J was a little disturbed that Snow White didn't have any pajamas to wear, she can't wear her princess dress to bed!  So the next day I let J go through my fabric scraps and pick out something to make PJ bottoms with.  She found some cute pink and green plaid flannel that was left over from the play purse I had made her 2 Christmas's ago.  So I kind of drew a pattern on some paper after tracing the dolls legs to get an idea of the size.  I made these pretty quick and the whole time had the feeling they were probably going to end up not working and thrown in the trash but they WORKED!  And now "the girls" aka J and snow white, look so cute tucked in bed with their PJs on together.  (We borrowed the shirt from the cabbage patch doll)


Here is the play purse tutorial I made with the same fabric 2 Christmas's ago

NOW Let's see what you did and post your project below!  I will feature one of your projects each week!  Don't forget to add Scrappy Saturdays to your weekly blog hop list! :)

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So excited to find you! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely plan to link up with you!! THANKS!!!!! ~mandy

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Thanks for letting me know about this! Will be back with my scraps on Sat!

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I think I'll dig up my Barbie doll. I made lots of dresses from scraps for her! Patsy from

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awesome! These are sooo cute! :) I wish I were this talented! :)

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