Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scrappy Saturday is Here! Link UP!

Welcome to Scrappy Saturday!  Show us what you've recently made!  In my Scrappy Saturday's intro this past week I showed you some simple doll flannel PJ's I made for Snow White, well, my Scrappy Saturday creation for this week is more doll clothes! I told you it was going to get addicting, so fast and easy and makes the little one happy!

If you didn't see my Mermaid Tail post, I made a mermaid tail/skirt for J's dress up collection.  Well, this project was her idea, she saw the scrap fabric left over from the mermaid skirt and wanted me to make mermaid tails for the dolls.  I just traced the doll's lower half, waist to toes, onto paper and then drew a mermaid tail around that adding almost an inch on both sides to the width.  I cut out two identical pieces of fabric using my "pattern", sewed them together, leaving a slit in the back and sewing on a little piece of velcro for taking it on and off.  I am loving these little pieces for using up scraps, making play things and they are fun because I'm not worried if they look perfect or if they turn out at all, so it's fun to just wing it!

Here is the original Mermaid Tail

And Here is the doll mermaid tail from scraps a year later....

 added some sea shells to make her a little more "modest"...

 "Someday I'll be, part of your world...."

 You can see here...super simple design and not symetrical or perfect in anyway...but they work and are still fun! And if they get lost or ruined....who cares!

You can see how I just stitched the raw edge under along the tops and on the slits and then sewed on a small piece of velcro on each side to attach.

Candace Creations

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c.w.frosting said...

Thanks for hosting Candace!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

HeARTworks said...

As promised I looked for my Barbie doll. She's mine as I don't have a daughter and no excuse to make clothes! But I don't need any excuse cause it is so much fun! Like you're having making fish tales for your daughter's dolls! Patsy from

Mandy from Burkett Blessings said...

LOVE the mermaid outfit for the dolls.... FUN!!! My little girl loves having matching outfits with her dolls, but I never thought about using old clothes and reworking them into doll clothes... smart thinking!! :-)

Ami Allison said...

Thanks so much for inviting me over for the party! :) That mermaid tail is just too cute!! OH and those muffins look heavenly!