Monday, November 1, 2010

What do you do with Halloween Candy?

So what does your family do with their abundance of Halloween candy?  I remember as a kid, my parents didn't really care if we ate it all in one night, which is what we attempted to do.  We pillaged through and ate all the good stuff and then we would polish off the leftovers over the next 2 days or I think it was like a 3-4 day sugar high and stomach ache.  And we would get a lot of candy too...We used pillow cases and would get them 1/3 the way full .  I have known kids whose parents keep their candy put away and only allow them 1 or 2 pieces of candy each day until it runs out or they throw it away.  I've known some parents that use the Halloween Fairy to limit the amount of sugar consumed.  I've heard some parents say their dentist says it's better to let the kids eat all their Halloween candy till it's gone because it's better for their teeth to have a couple of days with loads of sugar then sugary candy everyday for a month or more.  I think my mom, with 5 kids didn't want to have to bother with policing the candy and keeping track of it so we just kept it in our room and did what we wanted. (Maybe she figured we'd earned it after trekking around in the cold and snow in Northern Canada all night) But I'm wondering, what do you do with Halloween candy
My daughter had a couple pieces last night, but I cut it off after only a few because it was already really passed her bedtime when we were finished with our Halloween festivities and I wanted to her be able to sleep, and not high on sugar all night....even though that's what Halloween's about...but she's 3.5.....she doesn't know other kids get to eat it all at once till they puke.  I might do the Halloween Fairy thing still, or just give her a few everyday, or just give her the bucket to go through as she pleases...but I'm leaning against the last option.

The sad part for me this year is I don't get to rumage through her bucket and steal the peanut butter cups or snickers! (milk chocolate....can't have it! BOOO!)

Well, I hope you all had a Happy, Fun & Safe Halloween!

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Holly said...

Hey, I grew up in southern Ontario! We didn't usually have snow on Halloween, but it was cold enough that my mom made us wear our coats over our costumes! Hated that.
When my kids were little, I kept the candy and let them have a piece after a meal. Then after several days it just kind of disappeared.....
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Anonymous said...

When we were little, we didn't go out long enough to get a whole lot of candy. But now, we take our extra to the Primary at Church (I'm in Primary, too, so it works out okay). It's off our plate. I've also heard that you can take it to various offices for health care professionals. I think some give you kudos, others actually give you a real reward.