Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Snow White Portrait

Today I can actually show some real-ish "art" for day 10 of AEDM!  I've been a bit disappointed with how I've been doing, I thought I'd have completed a lot more art and feeling more creative by now, but I just have to remind myself about what season of life I'm in and if I do get to fit in extra things for myself like art, then great! But the family is numero uno! 

So my only time I really have to try and do any drawing or art seems to be alongside my 3 year old, while getting her to work on her own art.  Today we sat at the table and she told me to draw Snow White, (If you haven't seen my snow white tutu, or Halloween picture with her in a snow white dress, you'd notice it's a recurring theme with her). I do think it's kind of funny that Snow White is her favorite princess...when I was growing up, she was my least favorite...I didn't like her dress, it reminded me of a clown or something....I don't know...we had a snow white costume and my sister and I would always make our little brother wear it when we all played dress up because we didn't want to wear it.  I think it's cute now though...I don't know what my deal was.....anyways...this the snow white picture I made for her, we taped it up on her wall afterwards. (oh, and J added a small detail in the corner, she wanted to help :)

She asked me to make Snow White's hair "long".  I used pen and prismacolor markers to color it in...I was happy to discover they hadn't dried out as it's been FOREVER since I last used them, back from when I was teach at the art school!


Anonymous said...

Your Snow White is lovely and I hated her her gown too when I was younger. I remember when my daughter was that age and trust me, any day spent trying to occupy and make a three year old happy is a creative day. Your little one is adorable:)

Morph Waffle said...

Great Snow white drawing and tutu and your little girl is tutu cute!

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Thanks! I just got J the Snow White baby doll for Christmas!