Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scribble Stories

So it's day 3 of the Art Every Day Challenge and this is all I got!  I was really busy today, heard a motivational talk from an organizational guru and then had to spend the kids nap time cleaning the dust off the tops of the spice lids and wiping in the crevaces of the know...the type of anal cleaning that my husband doesn't understand why I spend time on those little things instead of just tidying up real quick and making it look good in general.  The bad thing about anal cleaning is you can spend a ton of time on these little details and feel so good about it, but then turn around and there's still lots of housework left to do and no more time or energy.  I'm just not naturally very organized....After all the scrubbing, my back was aching when the kids woke up from nap so we went to the gym and I didn't even work out!!!  I went to the hot tub and closed my eyes and enjoyed being the only person in the pool area!  (That's the "me" time the organizational guru said was a top priority so I had to do it! lol)

Anyways,. the closest thing I can claim to art today is earlier, I was trying to make a storybook with my 3 yr old daughter and encouraging her to lead the story...but she ended up just narrating and wanting me to illustrate her experience from when she went through the refusing to poop for days phase of her life that she recently overcame with the help of miralax, a close mom friend and her child setting a good example, and telling her to pretend there were little worms in her tummy that needed to squish out the hole....(ew i know that sounds gross but I didn't realize what I was saying until it came out...I had tried every other way to get her to poop without having a hysterical meltdown trying to hold it in...anyways..tmi I'll is the scribble story.)  And you don't need to criticize y'all!  It's scribbles okay which are fun, quick and not artsy, it's also fun because I draw these upside down so the paper is facing her as I draw and she narrates it to me.).

 J says "Once there was a little girl at the fair.  On the ferris wheel and the merry go round. And remember when my butt really hurt at the fair?  Because I was sad and crying and didn't want to do it!  I didn't want my poopoo's to come out.  I had to go home....
 BUT THEN.....I DID IT!!!! at HOME! Just like my friend does!
 And I am so Happy and PROUD and glad....and my tummy and butt doesn't hurt anymore and I can go poopoo ALL the time....and get LOTS OF JELLY BEANS!!!!



Nelly said...

I wish I had a touch of the anal cleaning bug. I despise cleaning!

I love your drawing your daughters story. What a great way to put a whimsical twist on a big problem.

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Well...the cleaning bug doesn't come naturally to me....that's why it's such an undertaking when I do it!

:P :)