Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Pumpkin Turkey

I have missed blogville lately!  I have been super busy and super sad that I haven't kept up with Art Every Day Month!  We've been pretty sick around here and just busy in general.  I kind of panicked today when I realized we didn't really have any Thanksgiving decor and Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!  How lame is that???
So J and I recycled her Halloween pumpkin and turned it into a turkey pumpkin for an easy, last minute thanksgiving centerpiece

We went out to the hot tub and it was warm and windy, so the hot tub was swirling with fall leaves (FINALLY seeing pretty fall colors!)  As J, Baby B and I sat on the edge soaking our feet, we collected some of the leaves that were floating around in the hot tub.  Then J got a few drops of water on her pants which was of course unacceptable and she could no longer keep her clothes on so before I know it, there's my 3.5 year old running around in her undies (at least we were the only ones in the pool area!)  Then she went to put her feet on the steps of the swimming pool to see how cold it was and before I know it, for some reason, she took her undies off too and was standing there trying to pee like a boy into the pool...Anyways....diverted her attention, got the undies back on, gathered up our leaves and went back home to make our easy thanksgiving centerpiece.

Here is J pulling of the glow in the dark jack o lantern stickers and then she wiped off all the marker (but the pen marks stayed...oh well)

Then we just used leaves and arranged them to make tail feathers, pressing a tack or small nail through to hold to pumpkin.  We used a round red leaf for the "gobbler" and stuck on some googly eyes.  Very basic easy Thanksgiving centerpiece, but better than nothing!!!  I just didn't even think about it, I'm not used to doing all that stuff because I'm still used to going over to our parents house where OUR moms do everything! lol.  I also made my first pecan pie today.  It's a dairy free pecan pie, I figured I would get it done and out of the way so I can leave the kitchen to my hubby tomorrow...he will be the one slaving away over the feast! :)  (I'm a lucky girl!)

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