Sunday, September 19, 2010

Snow White Tutu

Snow White Tutu

My daughter loves princess dresses and tutus, and I've had fun making her some tutus in the past like this rose petal tutu.  However, she is particularly obsessed with Snow White Dresses.  She often makes me go on youtube or do goggle image searches of snow white dresses.  So, we were at Hobby Lobby the other day for nothing in particular when I saw a bin with spools of tulle on sale and they had these snow white colors!  Suddenly I remembered one of the images that came up on a previous "snow white dresses" image search, it was a snow white tutu.  So today we got to work, J was me assistant as she help unroll the spools of tulle and was my model.  This is the best tutu we've made yet, she actually screamed when she saw herself in the mirror!  We put it on over top of another tutu dance outfit so the little tutu attached the the leotard makes the snow white tutu more poofy.  Fun day!  I sewed a ribbon around the waist to keep the tulle pieces from twisting around because I have that problem with the boutique style tutu I made before.



Crystal Escobar said...

Aw, that is absolutely adorable!!! I just love it!

melonbelly said...

I love this tutu! The colors are so beautiful! Great work!