Monday, September 13, 2010

Boys will be Boys....

When J was a baby, she was such a girl from the beginning.  As soon as she could move she went straight for the shoes, particularly high heels. My sister always wears the most fabulous shoes and everytime she came over, J went straight after those shoes the minute she took them off the door and would be fascinated with them until she left. The first time she got a hold of her daddy's wallet, she went straight for the American Express!  Just recently,(like as of the last 2 days) my 5 month old has started to barrel roll around the room, exploring and enjoying getting into things.  Well, the thing he keeps going straight for is the electronics.  Such a boy!  Today he was doing his thing and I was helping J with her artwork and all the sudden B rolled his way over and started pushing all the buttons on the CD player and receiver and messin things up.  I just can't believe he's already getting into things! Where does the time go!!!!  So anyways, I was just chuckling to myself about how the differences between boys and girls starts so early, without influence...J was after any pair of high heels she could get her hands on as soon as she was mobile, and now my little guy is after the electronics!!!  How typical!  Well, now my husband doesn't have to hang out in the electronics department alone anymore while Jordan and I dilly dally in the shoes/clothes department!

The funny thing to me is that in college, I remember taking child development classes and a human sexuality class that tried saying that gender differences exist because of the stereo types we push onto our children.  I mean, I guess there are stereo types that may be pushed to the extreme on some kids...and we should let our kids have the freedom to express their interests...but just sayin' far, in my experience, it seems girls are more naturally drawn to "girl things" and boys to typical "boy things".  Not that J isn't interested in "boy things" too...she loves to rough house, the color blue and likes to sport a pair of race car underwear but overall...she's naturally feminine and girly.

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