Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tropical Traditions

I'm excited!  I used up the rest of my Mary Kay TimeWise Face Moisturizer (I liked it, especially in combo with the microdermabrasion set) but now I'm switching back to my old but good "friend" Tropical Traditions!
I discovered Tropical Traditions a few years ago during college and loved it!  I don't know what happened, but over time I just ended up with other products and have missed it so much!  Well, my new shipment has arrived! I love ordering through them, my shipments have always arrived sooner than expected.

Not only are their Coconut based products awesome, I used to actually used the Virgin Coconut Oil on my face at night.  After washing, I would apply the oil to my face and let it soak in.  Looking back over the past 7 years, before and after when I used the coconut oil, that was the best my skin ever looked!  I had a soft, bright, clear complexion.  I've often used Olay face cream in the past and this is around the same price...but Tropical traditions cream is actually a bigger container.  A SUPERB natural alternative that doesn't cost more (and may even cost a lot less) than your current moisturizers.  If you go through the tropical traditions website, you have to make a minimum $16 purchase, so buy through amazon if you just want to give it a try and buy one product.  However...I am positive you will enjoy their products and it's worth it to just buy more at once, pay for shipping once and stock up. I've tried Citrus, Lavender and Baby Silk....all wonderful!  I've thought about making my own cosmetics before and have dabbled in the past making a few things with my mom, but sometimes it's just easier and more affordable to buy something you know is just pure goodness.

Learn more about why you should consider natural personal care products.

ps- is it weird that I felt my eyes well up and wanted to cry when I realized it's September?  I feel the same way when I see fall and christmas decor on display at the store.  What happened to the summer?  Farewell summer, it was wonderful and I didn't want it to end!

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