Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Healthy Cooking

It’s not only WHAT you eat, but HOW you prepare and cook it!

So if you didn't see my Nutrition post, check that out! Lots of important info from a holistic nutritionist and Mary Anne from Healthy Cooking.  I made an appointment with her and we had our free dinner with her this past weekend and wanted to update on how that went.  Mary Anne came over and cooked for my family and taught us a lot!  I really don't think I was even able to process everything I was learning!  But here's the bulk of it.

First of all, I have never enjoyed veggies, they are often bitter and I hate the mushiness when they are cooked.  I also don't enjoy cooking because I feel like it takes a lot of time and energy and never know what to make and rarely make more than 3 things if that.  It's such a chore.

Mary Anne came over, set up, prepped and cooked us a gourmet dinner in front of our eyes while educating us all in 30 minutes in her 316.  Prep takes a total of about 5 minutes, then you can walk away for 30 minutes do what you need to do, and come back to a perfectly cooked, healthy, delectable meal...faster than taking the kids through the drive thru! 
She made cooked carrots (diced with peel on), shredded cabbage (core included), frozen peas and corn (regular old walmart brand), she made a salad with a head of shredded cabbage, red cabbage, a raddish, carrot, a granny smith apple and lemon juice, she made diabetic friendly, low glycemic mashed potatoes in this special way which she showed us how to remove the starch, and healthy fried chicken, no skin, no fat and no oil!  She also made a healthy chocolate cake and baked it in her 316 on the stove in 15 minutes.

I got scared when I saw her making the healthy chocolate cake, she shredded a red potato, carrot, celery and some cabbage (core included) and then added 2 eggs and half a cake mix and I thought "Oh no this is gonna be nasty!"  I also was eying the cole slaw salad and was afraid to try it.  Anyways, everything was amazing, and tasted so garden fresh!  The way she cooks retains 80% more nutrients than conventional cooking, so you get fuller on less food and it tastes better.  All the veggies tasted so sweet and all the food needed no seasoning, butter, salt...nothing.  The cabbage was good and didn't stink up the kitchen.  And that cole slaw salad I was not looking forward to eating?  It was my favorite!  it was so yummy it was like candy!  I felt so full and good after eating the food (totally full and satisfied on small portions).  And that vegetable chocolate cake?  OMG it was the best chocolate cake ever, you would never know there was anything healthy about it!  It was moist and delicious!  We gobbled it up!  I made a homemade chocolate cake with my daughter 2 days before and it sucked in comparison to this cake made with veggies and half a cake mix.  When our daughter ate her slice of cake, we joked that she was getting more veggies in her dessert than she normally gets all day!  It was way easier than making purees for the sneaky chef / deceptively delicious methods of hiding vegetables in other food.

One of the keys to this cooking method, the only one utilized by the Cancer Project cooking school, is to not cook over 200 degrees because it kills and breaks down important nutrients and minerals.  Boiling your veggies = 212 degrees, steaming = 232 degrees, and microwave = 400 degrees.  By cooking their method, you lock in over 93% of the nutrients....MORE THAN DOUBLE all the others!) Also, you cut out 95% of bad grease, fats and oils.  The 316 also has a semi-vacuum which cuts cooking time in half.  Hmm...normally to speed up cooking I add more oil and high heat...So this was the total opposite and was way better.  Asside from retaining all those nutrients we normally aren't getting unless you eat raw, cooking with 316 will eliminate toxic metals from your food. 

You have to really see and taste the difference which I can't portray in a blog. So if you live in the Dallas area, let me know if you would like to be cooked for and learn all these amazing important health and time saving tips and techniques and enjoy a delicious free dinner like we did!  Mary Anne is one of the sweetest people I've ever met and is great at explaining things.  It will change your life, If you're like us, we never thought about how the way we prepare our food is such a HUGE factor in our health.  Mary Anne is a Saladmaster 316 dealer so you can purchase any of the products she uses if you want to, but there's no pressure or obligation, her passion is teaching people to be healthier and make their families healthier.  When we had dinner with her, she didn't even give us a brochure until we asked to see it as she was leaving, so really, when I say there's no pressure to buy anything, it's true.  Find out how yummy and easy a big, colorful healthy meal can be and how you can make simple changes in your eating and food prep habits to make a positive impact on your families health!  You can learn to have delicious healthy meals, frozen to table in 30 minutes

I'm still excited about the dinner we had and the time we spent learning from Mary Anne.  I can't get over that I....ME......didn't just eat the food to be polite, I LOVED every last bite of EVERYTHING!  I never knew vegetables could taste SO wonderful, even just regular old frozen walmart brand!  It literally tasted organic garden fresh, the best veggies I've ever had.  She said they get that a lot, people who hate vegetables and refuse to eat them, realize how much they love them.

Email me or comment if you would like to experience this awesome free dinner too!  If you're not in the DFW area, and are interested in a free dinner demo, let me know and I'll ask Mary Anne to put you in contact with someone in your area.

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food - Hippocrates



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