Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fabric Flower Accessory Tutorial

How to Make a Flower Accessory

I told you it was coming!  After going to that girls night out event and making all those little simple flower accessories, I wanted to show you all how easy it is!  This is a great way to use up all those little fabric scraps you have lying around and create something cute out of them!  
 These are also great because you can make them in such a short amount of time, it only takes a few minutes!  You could whip some up during naptime, or use this project at a women's event like the one I went to or your MOPS group.  Just something easy that anyone can do!

Flower Accessory Tutorial
 Start with a piece of scrap fabric like this

Tie a small knot on one end

Trim off excess fabric

Start twisting the fabric, but not too tight

Work your way around the knot, twisting the fabric and gluing in place with dots of hot glue

Keep working your way around, twisting and gluing.  
You can kind of see in this picture that I was folding the strip in half as I twisted only the right side of the fabric would show.

When you get near the end of your fabric strip, fold it under the flower and glue down on the back. (see pics above and below).

Here is the finished project.  
Trim any stray threads of fabric and pick off any strings of hot glue.

I was a little bored just looking at another basic fabric flower like the ones I made at the event last I decided to spruce it up, adding ribbon.
Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the flower and loop it back as pictured...adding hot glue to hold in place.

Cut the ribbon and then start another section like this and repeat until you are satisfied with the amount of ribbon "leaves".  I really think this added detail gave my flower accessory the "pop" of color it needed.

Flower Accessory
You can use it in so many ways. 

Glue to a hair pin or clip to make a flower hair pin...

Attach to a necklace...

Or you could glue it to a pony tail holder or barrett for a little girl, pin it to your shirt.jacket, add it as a detail to a fabric purse or tote...LOTS of possibilities!  

Now go have fun!


melonbelly said...

WOW! Looks great! Girl, you need to get on etsy or something! You do great work!

PS I wore my flower hair clip on our date night with a sundress! :)

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Aw I wish I could have seen you! That's awesome!

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You're amazing!

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Simple and elegant. Great tutorial!