Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pink Ceiling Fan Chandelier Makeover

  DIY Girls Ceiling Fan Chandelier
So this is a recent project I completed but took a while to share because I had to wait for my hubby to have time to install the fan.  This white ceiling fan had gold hardware and used to be in the master bedroom, we updated our room with something we liked better but our daughter J said she thought the white fan was beautiful and wanted it in her room.  She had an older uglier brown and gold ceiling fan light fixture in her room.  So I got some Rust Oleum in Berry Pink GLOSS and quickly took the fan apart which was super easy and spray painted the hardware pink.  Once it was installed and hanging up, I draped these jeweled garlands that I found in the wedding section at Hobby Lobby they were maybe $5 each or less with 50% off.  For the beaded strands in the center of the chandelier fan, I used some jewelry wire to attach  it to the bottom of the fan as you can see if you look closely.  It took a long time to get this project fully complete...but the project itself was really easy and quick to do...just got drawn out because it didn't match the mounting hardware from the old fan and hubby didn't have time right away to hang it...but here it daughter loves her pink chandelier fan!  We have been turning her fan on at night and if we keep it on the low setting, the jewels on the chandelier don't jiggle around much at all...but on the 2nd and 3rd settings they begin to sway and make some noise so if you want to do this just keep that in mind and make sure you just use the fan on the low setting.

Stay tuned for more reveals from my little girls bedroom makeover! :)

Simply take your fan apart, keep track of where everything goes and then lay out on cardboard and paint with a glossy spray paint.  When paint is completely dry, reassemble your fan.

Install ceiling fan (see owners manual instructions if needed)

Drape jeweled garlands over the lights and metal posts.

Using jewelry wire, attach beaded/jeweled strands to hand from the center of the fan.


Spray paint $4
Jeweled garlands $10-15 roughly

Update and turn an old ceiling fan into a super cute girly chandelier fan for less than $20!!!


Patny said...

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SkinnyMommy said...

So cute! Wish I was crafty ;)

Anonymous said...

Your fan looks fabulous! I've got it linked to my ceiling fans post as well, you've done a lovely job!

Staci said...
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Unknown said...
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Staci said...

What a lovely pink ceiling fan chandelier! My daughter would absolutely love to have this in her bedroom. She loves all things pink! Once she sees this, she’ll probably freak out. She’ll probably even ask me to get one for her room!

Staci Severns

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