Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fathers Day Craft

Cute and Easy Fathers Day Craft
Shrinky Dink Neck Tie Key Chain 

Here is a super cute, simple and easy fathers day craft kids of any age can make for their dad...even babies can scribble on the paper.  I had never heard of shrinky dinks until earlier this week when my friend had the girls make some on a playdate and sent us home with the scraps to try making more.

Pick up some shrinky dink paper
 My friend found some at Hobby Lobby in the kids craft area in the back.

Preheat oven to 300 F

Draw a basic tie shape on the paper, or find a clipart drawing of a tie and print it out on the shrinky dink paper.

Have your child color in the tie with regular markers.  Younger ones can just scribble..older ones can try and make a pattern...

Carefully cut out around the edges once it is done being colored and punch a hole near the top.

The colored tie in the middle used to be the size of the outlined tie

Place the tie on a baking sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and put in oven

Set timer for 3 minutes (according to instructions but ours took longer)
watch it curl up and shrink, then it will slowly start to open back up.  Once it is looking pretty flat, take it out of the oven and press it flat with an oven mitt.  Let cool.

Attach neck tie keychain to key ring.  I had to use a safety pin to attach it because I made my hole too small for the key ring to go through.  You can do this too, or use string or something else thin if your hole comes out too small after it shrinks.  

Now daddy with have a cute fathers day craft from the kids that will always be with him!

And for more fathers day neck tie goodness...check out these free fathers day printables

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