Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is not really my favorite thing to do.  I agree only to do it if my husband cuts the top and cleans them out and since Halloween is like his favorite holiday he's all about it.  So this weekend we carved pumpkins while playing the movie "Pumpkin Head" in the background to get in the Halloweeny spirit (I also do not enjoy those types of movies...the things we'll do for those we love!!! lol).  We are kind of limited to our pumpkin carving abilities especially because we're too cheap to buy any of those pumpkin carving tools and just use our dull steak knifes.  So here's our pumpkins...no we are not original, we copied our pumpkin carving ideas from google images of other jack-o-lanterns, and I was too lazy to really clean up my pumpkin once finished to make it any better.  My pumpkin is the first one and my husband did the skull one below.  For me, the most exciting part is I didn't slice myself...I had a few close calls!


Candace Creations

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Tori Bella said...

Pfft. Your pumkins are super cute.