Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Family Portraits


We recently had our family portraits taken by our wonderful photographer, Tessa MacLeod.  She is so fun to work with and really great with the kids.  B is 6 months already and so we had to document and do a portrait session.  These are our first real family portraits with the little guy.
Tessa has been specializing in Newborn, Lifestyle portraiture, Seniors and Weddings for over 8-years. It is Tessa's passion to capture the most passionate moments of your life and tell your story.

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take,
But by the moments that take our breath away."

Tessa's first experiences with a camera came at 4 years old when she used all of the film in the camera on her first plane ride. Tessa retained her passion for photography and flying and now does both as often as possible. Tessa founded Tessa MacLeod Photography 4 years ago and is the artist behind the camera. Tessa's journey to becoming a photographer started at the age of fifteen when she purchased her first camera at a yard sale. Her passion was ignited and, along with her gift of natural artistry, drove Tessa to her dream of making a living by capturing natural images and lifestyle photography for her clients. Tessa's favorite part of being a photographer is that through the filter of the cameras lens, the world is a very different place where beauty and uniqueness are easily found in everyday moments.

Let Tessa tell your story through her lens. 

Here is one of my favorites from his 3 month shoot that Tessa took...gotta love those bare baby bottoms!

 And the Adorable knit hat and tie onsie is from WE CHOOSE JOY on Etsy...She was SO great about getting my order done quickly in time for the pictures and I love how the outfit looked on him.

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melonbelly said...

wonderful pics of a beautiful family!