Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheap Easy Halloween Crafts

Check out these easy Halloween crafts!
I'll admit it, I want to be festive and decorate for Halloween, but I hate spending a bunch of money on stuff that will be in storage most of the year (and storage space is a precious commodity for us apartment dwellers!) so my husband and I have been reminiscing our elementary school years, making decorations with paper, scissors and glue/tape....mostly.  It's been fun making a few things with what we have lying and that our daughter can enjoy.  It's been a family project...well, ongoing because we plan on making more stuff throughout the month.

My 3 year old and I whipped up this easy hanging ghost decoration.  We used a wire shirt hanger, plastic bags, white garbage bags, elastic band and string...and a sharpie.

Another ghost, this one is small made with some waxy tissue paper and plastic bags in the head.

We used this How to make paper spider web video and found a spider picture and free handed it onto our black paper to cut out.  For any silhouettes just Google image search and try drawing it or print it out and trace it to make some easy halloween crafts.
create a halloween lantern with paper sillouettes and a lamp shade!

Started this scene on the wall, hope to ad to it! We are currently out of black construction paper now!

Fun Easy Halloween Crafts!

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