Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like my Blog Playlist?

If the music hasn't automatically started on my blog playlist, scroll down to the bottom of my blog and it will start playing right away.  The reason I mention this is...well, do you like the first song?  It's an awesome indie artist named Tyrone Wells.  My senior year in college I was on my way to Art History when I heard some good sounding music coming from the CUB (student union building).  This guy was performing in the cafeteria doing a really awesome cover of "Lightning Crashes" by Live, on of my all time favorite songs growing up!  I remember being in 6th and 7th grade, hanging out with friends in my room listening to this song on repeat!
He had such a great voice and was so nice to listen to, I decided to skip my class and watch the rest of his show.  I bought Snapshot and Hold On from him when he was done and have been a fan ever since.
So the reason I am bloggin about him now is because I was listening to some of his new music on project playlist and my husband was like "Who is that?" and I was like "Tyrone!" and anyways, I ended up going to his website to buy his new cd if he had one available and saw he is on a crosscountry TOUR!  YAY!
I immediately bought tickets for the show here where I live!  They were under $10 a pop too!  YOU ALL need to check out his tour schedule and buy tickets for a show in your area if he's coming your way! Trust me...you'll love it! He has a great voice, is appropraite for all ages, sings great LIVE because that's when I first heard him....and you will be hooked! Visit his tour schedule on his website NOW Tyrone Wells Website.

TIME FOR DATE NIGHT OR GIRLS NIGHT OUT! (although most shows are all ages if you want to bring the young'ins)

  Download his album here!

And if you haven't used project playlist for your blog before, learn more about how to use project playlist here!

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