Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Projects for the TO-DO List

T-shirt to Newborn Gown

Okay so I keep finding all these cool baby projects that I want to do for my little guy before he arrives in April. I'm still deciding on fabric for the carseat cover, which I went to Joanns today and after looking at Heather Bailey fabric, nothing stood out at the store. I did see 2 cute prints at Hobby Lobby so I'm keeping those in mind.

I found this free tutorial for making Newborn Gowns out of T-shirts and think it looks easy enough! I've been looking at baby boy stuff and it's not nearly as fun as the girl stuff...but with projects like this, you can really get creative! Now I just need to find some cool T-shirts! This pattern would also work with fabric from the store too...How do people come up with these great projects!?!? I love it!

Anyways, here's the newest baby project added to my To-Do List! I also think this would make a great baby gift. I have some a friend due in a couple weeks and her husband is a huge Cowboys fan so I'm thinking of making one out of a Cowboys T-shirt for them.

Tutorial: T-shirt to Newborn Gown


Scrappy Monster Toy

The NEXT little project I came across is this SCRAPPY MONSTER over on MADE.

What a cute little addition to add to a baby gift which can then be used as one of those little toys you hang on the carseat handle to entertain the baby! This is just a super simple, cute idea that can be made with random fabric scraps...hooray! isn't everybody looking for cute little projects to use up those scraps? This project reminds me of the Monster I made my nephew a few posts back.

Crochet Baby Hat with Brim

Next thing I love is this crochet baby boy hat found on this Etsy shop. However, I don't crochet so I might have to buy one of these. But aren't they just adorable?


This is Carrie said...

Have fun with the project candace! The little gowns can become totally addicting. Just remember hemming the curved neck edge can be a little tricky so practice on a "trash" shirt first before you cut into your good ones.

Anonymous said...

Thank u :-) check out this emo boy one at this blog: