Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Easy Napkin Rings

Cheap Easy Napkin Rings
Last Thanksgiving, I was setting the table for my mom and we couldn't find the napkin rings anywhere! My mom was really disappointed, but instead I found this 5 minute solution! I found some spare scrapbooking paper and ribbon and made her some napkin rings, just in time for dinner! You can see the tutorial for these easy napkin rings here!
I just used what happened to be laying around at my mom's, but these could turn out really cute and you could get super creative with this idea. If you make these, please share pictures!

What I love about this is that, rather than trying to locate and dig out your napkin rings on the rare occasions you might use them, you can quickly make custom napkin rings for the occasion and then throw them away if you don't feel like saving them.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea for making easy napkin rings! This would be a good project that even kids could help out with.

ccrock said...

Thanks, I hope your napkin rings turn out great!